The Great Ocean Divide

Cork, County Cork

The Great Ocean Divide are a 3 piece instrumental rock band. They formed in March 2011 with the idea of creating atmospheric noise; basically a lot of riffs (and who doesn't like riffs??) punctuated by the occasional ambient section or the sound of power tools exploding, whatever suits the mood..

Having released a 2 track demo in June 2011 (which can be heard and downloaded for free from, they spent the rest of the year playing to anyone that would listen in venues across the country and sharing stages with a lot of cool bands.

After retreating for a few months to write new material they recorded their debut album in May 2012 which they're now putting the final touches to for release in Spring 2013 and they relocated to Cork after having pleasant experiences with the fast food on offer there. They'll be playing somewhere near you soon, watch this space.

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