The Great Balloon Race

County Cork

The Great Balloon Race

“Eerie keyboard swells, and odd-yet-catchy vocal melodies that sound as though these musicians are
very familiar with the more outrageous Real Book Standards”

“A spoonful of gypsy folk, a dash of pyschadelia and a nice big dollop of jazz”

“When a band lays waste to limitation and lets the musical breeze carry them in whatever direction
it may blow, that is when truly magnificent music is created”

The Great Balloon Race is a five-piece band based in Cork city. They formed their first line-up in
2009. Their musical influences range from folk to psychedelic to jazz. They have performed in venues
across Ireland. They released their first EP in June 2011, which received favourable mentions on
websites,, and . They are
currently recording their debut album in Cracks in the Light Studios in Cork.


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