The Future West

Dundalk, County Louth

The Future West are a lo-fi//indie//experimental 4 piece from Louth, Ireland. Debut album "Holy Shit, Here Come The Future West" (available on Spotify and all other good streaming services) was released in 2017 and backed by a small number of U.K shows as well as a sold out launch in An Tain Arts Theatre. The band are currently writing/recording for their new EP, due out 2018.

Email -
Phone - 00353861775232

"With 'No One's Missing You' we are presented with a true gem, it's an 80's rock-pop piece of loveliness, rapid bass-lines circle around synths and drum pads, with Watters' vocal a real delight on this one." - Remy Connolly on No One's Missing You. March 2017

"One thing this album provides in abundance is plenty of variety, they are all noticeably from The Future West locker, but deliberate different stylings across the tracks ensures the listener's interest is maintained from start to finish." - Remy Connolly. March 2017

"'60's Psychedelic Acid Jam'. Imagine Stanley Kubrick sticking his head into the studio when Sgt. Peppers was being recorded and making a few suggestions, this is what you'd probably end up with." - Remy Connolly on "60's Psychedelic Acid Jam. March 2017

“Gone Too Long has a much more atmospheric air than their debut single Call Me Stupid and showcases that The Future West are far from being a one trick pony and whets the appetite for their debut album arriving early in 2017.” – Frank Hughes, GoldenPlec. Nov. 2016

"Gone Too Long could be a song found on Tarantino western soundtrack. You can easily imagine it being used for a slow motion scene with a hail of bullets." Frank Hughes, GoldenPlec Nov. 2016

“...what The Strokes might have sounded like had they formed in 1979, I truly loved Watters' vocal performance here, it's infectiously happy and enchanting, yet with the band behind it they bring a strong punk vibe to proceedings.” – Remy Connolly on "Go Dog Go", Feb. 2016

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