The Fighting

Delgany, County Wicklow

The Fighting formed in mid-2005 and are a 4-piece popular rock outfit with Len Carolan as frontman, Chris Walsh on lead guitar, Col Cunningham on drums and Ger Carolan playing bass.

Based in Delgany, Co Wicklow, but comprised of Dubs, the Fighting have been gigging since the beginning of 2006, already having performed at several of Dublin's most notable venues, including the Sugar Club, the Village, TBMC, Whelan's and Vicar St, as well as a date in Belfast. In July 2006, they reached the final of the Emergenza new bands competition, only narrowly missing out on a trip to Germany for the European finals. In September 2006, the Fighting had their first headline show, at the Sugar Club. January 2007 saw them contentiously miss out on victory at the UCD Battle of the Bands final. July 2008 saw them reach the finals of the King Kong Club at Pravda and now recently, in June 2009, they have launched their EP in selected record stores in Ireland and throughout the world via iTunes.

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