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The Darling Sins

Indie // Wexford

The Darling Sins were formed when Leni and Joe met at a gig in Dublin and decided to meet again for a jam. The jam was good.

"I'm a devotee."
- Martin Mills, Chairman and Founder of the Beggar Group.

"A Celtic Poet."

"We are mightily impressed with the four-track EP sampler from Leni Morrison, a Wexford chanteuse blessed with an extraordinary blue-eyed soul voice, and knack for penning a killer sultry tune. Expect big things of her!"
- The Hotpress News Desk

"Wexford-based Leni Morrison and Joe Harpur's chance meeting at a gig in Dublin was the starting point for a bunch of raw, hugely promising, slow-motion blues tunes with plenty of crunch in the mix, such as Pebbles and Magic In Our Air."
- Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

"Leni Morrison is a real talent."
- Jackie Hayden, Hotpress

"Leni Morrison has one of the finest voices and natural raw talents to emerge on the music scene in years"
- Jack L

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