The Crayon Set

County Dublin

The Crayon Set – Band-Bio type-thing

Dublin-based, The Crayon Set first came to prominence in 2011 when they won a national competition to play the main stage at The Ben And Jerry's Music Festival in London. They play a mix of indie and alt folk and they employ a wide variety of instruments and tight vocal harmonies.
The band self-released their debut album in 2013.
The album was listed in the Top 10 Irish albums of 2013 by U&I Magazine.
Lead single "No.1 Fan" was listed in the Top 10 Irish Singles of 2013 by The Journal. It also received airplay on Today FM, BBC Radio 6 and 2FM.

In 2014 they released a new single "Attack" which was produced by Karl Odlum. The Last Mixed Tape made it their Single of the Week.

Their 2nd album, 'Lost Languages', was produced by Gavin Glass, and is scheduled for release in October 2017.

Some Obligatory Press Quotes -
"If you're looking for the kind of purity in indie-pop that you thought had gone missing far too many years ago, then their debut album will see you so right you'll never be wrong again"
Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times

“Perfect Pop”. Hot Press

“4/5. An indie orchestra favourably compared to the likes of Arcade Fire and Belle & Sebastian.” Mark Kavanagh, The Daily Star

“This is an album packed with up-tempo infectious indie from a group with a gift for creating memorable hooks”.

“Recalls the sounds of bands such as Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, from the girl-boy vocal interplay to the proliferation of warm, organic instrumentation that bumbles wistfully from song to song. They make an effort to maintain impetus and vary their style throughout. A charming debut”. Lauren Murphy, The Sunday Times

Official Website:
Twitter: @thecrayonset

Some Band Highlights:
The Ben and Jerrys Sundae on the Common Festival (London) – Main Stage.
Tracks have featured on Culture Ireland/IMRO "Best New Music from Ireland" compilations.
Three songs featured on Irish TV Series “The Importance of Being Whatever”.
EP – “Pick of the Fortnight”. Hot Press Magazine
Listed in "2012 Top 50 Bands in Ireland". 2 U I Bestow
Gigs - FMC Showcase Tour 2011, Camden Crawl, Hard Working Class Heroes Festival , The Phantom FM Next Becks Thing Final.

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