The Clockworks

Galway City, County Galway

Honest and authentic Indie-Punk that tells stories of life as a young adult in 2018.

The Clockworks take the energy, ferocity and driving rhythms of early Punk and furnish this with angular guitar hooks. This forms the foundation for hip-hop inspired, machine gun vocals that spit out wry social commentaries which lie somewhere between Slaves, The Streets and The Smiths.

-FMC 'Galway Loves Music' 2018
-Hot Press Magazine's - "Hot for 2018"
-The Alt Escape, Brighton 2018
-Electric Picnic 2017
-Headlined Whelan's "Ones To Watch" 2018
-Indie Week, Toronto 2017
-National Radio (2fm) playlisting, and consistent play.
-Radio play in Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Boston, South Africa.

"This Galway band has been on the lips of everyone that matters this year. From seeing them tonight it is easy to see why. They are something the Irish music scene has been overdue for some time" - U&I

"Far from being the typical hyperbole of a music press trying to jump on the "next big thing", the praise with which The Clockworks were heaped was warranted'. – Louder Than War, UK

"The Clockworks illicit fond memories of blissful angst and attitude sorely missed in the industry today. They represent the very fabric of musical tenacity amid hordes of risk-less acts." - Pure M

"You'll be hearing a lot more about The Clockworks" - Hot Press Magazine

"A band definitely on the verge of breaking through" - The Last Mixed Tape

"A street-level sound, the trio's latest single draws from the everyday and conveys it with gritty guitars, pin-point drumming and wryly observational lyrics....Instantly relatable" - The Last Mixed Tape

“a song as lyrically sharp in its social observation as it is keen in its uncluttered and tenaciously inventive sound.” – Ringmaster Review, UK

"There's swagger, charm, pleasure and an instantly noticeable individuality about this Galway band" - Remy's Film and Music Blog

"Ireland's next big thing" - Outcast Magazine

'Hop on the bandwagon now, and check them out on some of the smaller shows they’re playing this summer before you have to queue up for their sold out shows.' - Echoing Stem


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