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The CEO experiment

Other // Dublin, Dublin

The CEO Experiment is one of a kind Piano Trio which combines delicate atmospherics and highly creative improvisations, oscillating between almost every genre in Jazz. Elements of Post-bop and Contemporary Jazz are channeled through original compositions and reworking of traditional standards, serving as a vehicle for high energy inter playing. The CEO Experiment’s music is thoughtful and inventive but also full of character, reflecting the different background and imagination of the players.

Acclaimed saxophonist Michael Buckley has recently joined forces with the trio to create a very unique and explosive sound. Since their get together this band has been named as one of the a must see shows!

Listen to the trio in the track - Affinity

Listen to the quartet in the track - Experience

“Pianist Leopoldo Osio, electric bassist Peter Erdei and drummer Cote Calmet, who make up CEO Experiment, are three of the most outstanding exponents of their respective instruments in a city whose burgeoning jazz/improvised music scene punches well above its weight. The trio’s subtle yet effusive dialog is one steeped in the broad jazz traditions. Whilst the music may draw inspiration from the past it resounds very powerfully in the present, reflecting the diverse musical influences of all three musicians.”
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