the 202s

Dublin, County Dublin

The 202s began as a duo over ten years ago, when long-time friends Mike Glennon (vocals/guitar/synths) and Steve Melling (bass/synths) decided – after the meltdown of a previous band – to retreat to the recording studio to conjure up the album they always knew they had in them. Come 2009, now with a third integral member, Barry Smullen (drums/percussion), their self-titled debut album was released via the Paris-based label, Le Son Du Maquis (home to a clutch of left-field indie icons such as A Certain Ratio, Lydia Lunch, Cluster, James Chance and the Contortions, and Faust). It didn't take long for the plaudits to arrive: ‘long electronic ambient vibes, refined pop, electro dance and harmonica folk’ (D-Side Magazine) and ‘hymnal Kraut-pop from Dublin’ (Musikexpress) were just two from a rake load of positive reviews.

Following a clutch of well received singles in 2016/2017, the band release their second album From When The Future Was Yet To Hurt Us in March 2018. The new album is split into two overlapping and interweaving categories: casual, funky electronic groove and melancholic pop. Tracks such as Oh My My, Up In Thin Air & Soul Don’t Boogie blend some of the band’s influences (notably David Bowie, Can, Brian Eno) with a marked individuality that comes from experience. Instrumentals Refrain and Are You For Real, meanwhile, display a command of decorous, textured electronic music.

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1701 The 202s - Ease My Mind 202s, 'Pressure', Live at Cork French Film Festival The 202s - Repeat (St. Catherine’s Home for Lazy Infants Remix)