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Tara Devi

Soul // Dublin, Dublin // she/her

Tara Devi; an RnB/Neo Soul/Rock artist based in Dublin.

A Slovene, Dublin based R&B musician with a soulful voice that strikes at the heart of emotions, Tara Devi weaves her personal journey into music, creating a symphony of feelings that resonate with us all. Her unique look is a visual manifestation of her artistry, a testament to the authenticity and creativity that defines her as a true artist. Tara doesn't just sing, she bares her soul, and in doing so, she becomes a beacon of empowerment and self-expression in the world of music.

Tara serenades with her soulful R&B, pouring her emotions and life's journey into every note. Her unique style is an artistic reflection of her essence, while her music, an empowering anthem of self-love, resonates with the soul in every woman. In Tara, we find not just a musician, but a muse for empowerment, celebrating the strength and beauty of the female spirit through her captivating melodies."

Her debut single, "She Ain't Me," delves into personal emotions and experiences, shedding light on a particular relationship situation she navigated. Following this, her second single, "Brickwall," serves as a testament to self-reflection and personal growth. This project encompassed extensive promotional efforts, meticulously crafted visuals, and culminated in a headline show at The Grand Social featuring an exclusively female lineup. Tara is a staunch advocate for female representation within the music industry, particularly within the vibrant Dublin scene.

In addition to her being a songwriter, Tara is a creative director and producer, both on her own projects and collaborations.

Her performances have garnered notable acclaim, including opening for Melina Malone and gracing stages such as The Grand Social, The Sound House, LostLane, and Workmans (both main and cellar venues).