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Rock // North Dublin, Dublin // he/him

Introducing SWELTR, the blazing Dublin band that burst onto the scene in October
2022! Their musical journey, filled with wild childhood memories, crazy teen
adventures, and entertaining adulting stories, has shaped their fearless and
outrageously awesome sound.
Formerly part of the Dublin Post-Punk scene, the dynamic duo of Noel and Tony now
bring you a fresh take on Punk sound, infused with mind-blowing grunge vibes that'll
leave you in awe.
Tony Keyes, the musical virtuoso with boundless talent, hails from the vibrant sounds
of Blanchardstown. Having rocked the guitar, bass, and vocals in various groups and
music styles in the past, Tony now effortlessly manages to combine the styles of
bass and guitar in harmony, and in wrath, something he is proud to own.
With a vocal style reminiscent of the grunge era, Tony's Dublin accent takes center
stage, unleashing screams and a powerful message. His lyrics are a captivating
blend of metaphors, slang, and noun modification, inviting you to delve deeper into
the enigmatic tales he weaves. Get ready for a musical journey with Tony that's as
intriguing as it is electrifying!
Noel Dempsey, the self-taught rhythm powerhouse proudly from Finglas. He's honed
his craft by learning by ear and delivering mesmerising drum covers online. With a
rich background of playing in previous bands and genres, Noel draws inspiration
from iconic groups like Nirvana, Thin Lizzy, Joy Division, and QOTSA.
When Noel takes the stage, brace yourself for an electrifying experience! His
thunderous drumming will ignite the atmosphere, sending powerful and resonating
grooves that'll reverberate in your chest.
When Tony and Noel come together, it's a force to be reckoned with, creating a
musical synergy that is bound to blow you away.

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