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Alternative // Dublin

Super Hyper Giant is not an artist who likes to be defined by a specific sound, he is an artist who likes to jump from genre to genre. He has spent the last year and half in and out of the studio making an album that blends everything Super Hyper Giant loves about music, he made a forward thinking album using old an old style of simple sincere song writing recorded through the sounds of an imagined future. The Album is called "Retro/Futuristic" and it is an album that moves from experimental to pop to electro to rock to folk, somewhere in between lies the true sound of Retro/Futuristic and Super Hyper Giant. The album is preceded by "Always", an electro pop experiment that features Nicole Florentino who is ex smashing pumpkins (out Dec10) and the album Retro/Futuristic is out Febuary. The album is being launched upstairs in Whelan's of wexford street march 4th. Hope to see you there!!!!!