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Sun Shakers

Soul // Dublin

Music is there to be experimented with, tampered with and moulded in all shapes and sizes. Sun Shakers do just that. Not restricted by any trend or sound, Sun Shakers take music to every corner of their imagination. With guitar styles of Frusciante, Mayer, and Buckley and vocal styles of Aretha and Janis, Sun Shakers make music in the present, for a moment.

Four members in total, Sun Shakers have surfed through the waves of the Dublin music scene since 2014. Stepping into our realm of psychedelic soul, expect to hear a set which will take you on a trail of soulful rhythmic mazes, into hip-hop raps and tones, through doors of colourful folk stories, swinging by the classical motive and settling in with some smooth jazzy sounds. Music has no boundary for this band and Sun Shakers use creativity to its full potential.

The pinnacles to date includes sharing the stage with some great Irish musicians and writers throughout the local scene and the festival scene. Electric Picnic, 2014-2018; Canalophonic, 2015 -2017; Hard Working Class Hero’s, 2016; New Year Festival Dublin, 2016; Forbidden Fruit with First Music Contact, 2017; The Irish Maritime Festival, 2013-2018; Dublins Battle for the Bay 2018; Bare in the Woods 2018 and, 3 headline shows at the Button Factory 2017/18. A founding member of Dublin's #4Bands, Sun Shakers collaborate with top Irish musicians including Shakalak, Regroovantion and Mekkan Ju.

Davina released her first album in 2014. Recorded live and in one take, It Is Me was the first of its kind for her and it portrayed a strong but vulnerable side to people. Early 2016, the band released their deput EP, The Union. The first official video for their debut single Taste of Lies puts a stamp on what this band aims to do. The new Album 'Back to Us' has seen 1 release from it to date. It's debut single Back to Us was a major success for the band and will be going to Cannes as part of a film soundtrack in 2020. Just finished an Irish tour, Sun Shakers will release the next single on August 21st, 2019. The music on this record will challenge social standing and it takes on the institutional structure. Lyrics explore our fiery minds while making sure the voice of music is being used to free the soul rather than hinder it.

Review by Unsigned and Independent:
' artist we have been waiting to see play with a full band for a very long time ...How the gravelly quality of her voice then caresses the delivery floats a sullen sense of virtue across which further enhances proceedings ... composed and relaxed in terms of how the appreciation on show comes together.'

Single Review:
'Love Is All You Need, is really all you need. With a voice like Aretha and songwriting like the best in pop, this track hits exactly how you want. There’s soulful guitar playing, subtle drums and vocals that leave you in awe, meaning the bar is set high for the new EP.
Davina and The Messengers won't have any problem jumping that bar.'

- Pure M - 2015