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Sunburnt Jets

Lo-fi // Monaghan / Dublin, Dublin

BOUTS [@gimmebouts] guitarist set to release shoe-gaze pop double A side single November 2014, his first release since his 2011 EP and debut album Low Flying Crow, which hit hard drives August 2010.

Sunburnt Jets is the moniker of Monaghan-born, Japan-made and Dublin-based musician Colin Boylan. He is best known for combining home-programmed drum machines, maximum big muff and soothing iminyourhead vocals. His first album gained interest far and wide from the likes of Nialler9, Jim Carroll (Irish Times), GoldenPlec, Ragged Words and Harmless Noise.

While his first album and EP were an entirely solo affair recorded in a Monaghan bedroom, production of his new single was an integral part of the process with his lead single being worked on over one year in various rehearsal studios.


FREE SONGS (including recent July 2011 EP):

10 song debut release date: 13/Aug/2010 on bandcamp
3 song EP release date: 01/Jul/2010 on bandcamp
Single Release Nov 2014 on bandcamp