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Sunburn are a Dublin based alternative rock band, who met while in college in the Liberties. Their passion to create sound lies between the palette of Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen and The War on Drugs amongst other influences.

The idea of Sunburn was conceived over a cheese toastie in Rob’s Grannie’s in late 2019. Since then the band has seen rapid expansion; playing prestigious venues, a growing social media presence and a highly anticipated first single ‘Jump the Gun’.

The single was recorded in Windmill Lane Studios and has been tested to crowds in The Button Factory, Fibber Magee’s, Roisín Dubh and Fred Zeppelin’s. Reception to the song has been strong, standing tall alongside a full set of original material.

The Band:

Zak Coghlan (Vocals)
Hailing from Dublin’s Liberties quarter, Zak acts as the band’s frontman and primary songwriter. With influences such as The Night Café and Catfish and the Bottlemen, his ear is no stranger to indie-rock anthems and heart throbbing hooks. Son of former Hinterland frontman Donal, there's no questions as to where he inherits his musical genes

Rob Talbot (Drums)
Although from the quieter hills of Kildare’s countryside, Talbot found noise as an escapism from such seclusion. Thanks to having Nirvana and Queens of The Stone Age as idols, Rob loves to kick the shit out of a kit, making him the drive and soul of Sunburn’s sound.

Muirish Waugh (Bass)
Bassist, harmoniser and songwriter. The man from Skibereen is a force to be reckoned with. With introspective lyrics and self awareness this helps give Sunburn the deeper edge it needs. His eyes are yet to be seen through his curls.

Conor McLoughlin
As lead guitarist and “noise-maker”, Conor reaches for tones of density and grit. Fuzz ridden notes wrapped in reverb are fuelled from his addiction to The War on Drugs and atmospheres of ambience.

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