Kiltimagh, County Mayo

Sullie (John O'Sullivan) is a singer songwriter, originally from the West of Ireland now based in Western Australia. He has played in numerous bands throughout the year's mainly covers bands with the numerous original's thrown in.

In the 80's Sullie was the Guitarist in school band All Who Fall, a post punk confused punk band that started with an old acoustic Guitar, a bright orange couch and a cardboard tube. in the early 90's he was a guitarist with the Limerick based college band the Zen Zucchini Experience and forgot to go to college for a while. This was followed by a songwriting partnership with Liz in Mayo which did culminated in some demo recordings in New York in 1999. Pieces of me was originally recorded at this session.

In the mid 90's Sullie teamed up with Mick "Dundee" Roache an Australian living in the West of Ireland and wrote numerous original songs. They went through a number of bands names with several different personnel as singers and guitarists, The Tribe, Dundee & O'Sullivan, PJ Croc. Dundee & O'Sullivan again before splitting up in 2007. He also play at several folk, blues and trad session around Mayo with numerous musicians.

Sullie went went solo through lack of anything else to do!! In 2008 he recorded a song Tears of the Goddess for the Save Tara protesters fundraising campaign a collaboration of artists from around the world and appeared on Balcony TV. Unfortunately most of the CD's were destroyed by the Police when they evicted the protesters from their camp in late 2008. There's still a few in a box in Sullies house!!

In 2012 Sullie emigrated to Australia and has performed solo, in a duo, Sullie and Duff and with the band Camouflage. He also started playing Irish Traditional music and folk and formed ZZ Trad in 2013. He has played Irish music in Victoria and Western Australia and straight up pub rock and roll in the Pubs of the Goldfields in Western Australia.

Sullie is a member of IMRO (Irish Musical Rights Organisation) since 2007 and is always looking for new ideas and collaborations. Sullie has been recording in some form or other since his first Band All Who Fall who did two Demo Sessions in temple lane studios and a demo session in Castlebar. Sullie and Liz used to use a basic tape recorder and at some stage in the 90's He evolved to a four track Mini Disk recorder (its still working) He then moved to a PC recording system with a Guillemot ISIS 8 track break out box which used a PC version of Logic on a win 98 system. He later moved to a mac laptop and a M Box Mini using Logic express. He recently has upgraded to a M Box on a Mac Mini still using Logic Express.

Sullie's primary instrument is the Guitar, electric or acoustic, he is currently learning the Bouzouki, Mandolin, Banjo and tin whistle. He has developed as a singer over the years and can sing a wide range of musical styles. He can also program midi drums, brass strings etc using a midi controller, a Roland JV Synth and the logic graphical interface.

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