Strawman & The Jackdaws

Dublin, County Dublin

Strawman & The Jackdaws is a Dublin based Alternative/Folk/Pop band formed in the year 2017.
The band consists of Riccardo Ranzani (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Jacopo Stofler (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Michael Reolon (Drums, Percussions), and Niall Stewart (Bass). The band performs with a session musician (Sax, Keys, Violin), and a backing vocalist.

Live Performance:


After busking around Europe and getting inspired by different cultures and music genres for three years, Riccardo Ranzani (Strawman) decided to settle down in Dublin. During his stay in Ireland, he had the opportunity to create the perfect environment to accomplish his artistic vision, by gathering the right people and expanding his team.
Their music has many different influences: from catchy pop atmospheres to heavier distorted riffs,
with an always present element of melodic folky lines.
The band has a lot of experience performing live and it has played in the biggest music venues in Dublin, as well as toured all around Ireland between May and June 2019, and has played summer festivals such as Battle for the Bay.

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