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Strangers With Guns

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

"Strangers with Guns are some lads from Dublin that make grunge music. Infusing the sounds of the Melvins, Stone Temple Pilots, Fu Manchu, Nirvana…etc., they deliver exactly the juice you’d expect from that blend. Degenerate Art is the band’s debut album and the dozen songs could be summed up by big-wave bass lines, uniformed distortion and laid-back vocal delivery. Any one of these tunes could make the cut for a D.I.Y skateboarding video straight from the 90s."

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We are an unconventional band in this country. Nobody sounds like us, and short term might work against us with people unable to pigeonhole and not knowing where to allot us. But we are carving out our own space, playing with every genre that's open to us, from DIY Punk shows to Metal Shows, to Hard Rock Shows.

We have received good airplay considering how heavy and out there we are with 6 tracks making national radio shows, our track "Monkey King" featuring Republic Of Loose frontman Mik Pyro was played on Dan Hegarthys "alternative hour" and on John Barkers "Totally Irish" John has also played our tracks "Too Tired To Sleep, But I'm ok To Drive" and "Now wait for last year" as well as our cover of the Beastie Boys Classic "Sabotage" amongst others.

We have been extremly busy in a lockodwn that lots have sat out, multiple music videos an EP and 2 singles one was the charity single for Pieta House "Hold On" our listenership has increased a few hundred % since our last gig.

Our Most recent EP "Disenfranchised Fetus" lead song "cants" was given "riff of the year" by the Metal Cell podcast.

Due to release a new DOUBLE EP in September. Our discorgraphy over our 2 and a bit years of a band reads one album "Degenerate Art" an EP "Disenfranchised Fetus" and our new EP due out in Sep "How's Your Ma, Is Your Da Working"

Currently working with manager/booker John Suillivan we just played Standon Calling on July 25th and went down fastically, first festival we play and its not in Ireland, go figure

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