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Experimental // dublin, Dublin

Strands AKA Stephen Shannon is a composer and producer based in Dublin. He works out of his own Experimental Audio studio, where he has recorded and produced dozens of artists including Halfset, Cap Pas Cap, Vyvienne Long, 202s, Holy Roman Army, David Turpin, Crayonsmith and Adrian Crowley. He has co-produced Crowley’s last two albums, which were nominated and won The Choice Music Prize respectively. Most recently he was a member of mulitinstrumental act Halfset.

He has composed and recorded soundtracks for films such as the award winning Saviours (Street Films) and worked with Neil Jordan on the soundtrack for his recent feature Ondine. His work has also featured in various TV programmes.

Strands, his solo project began in late 2009 and the self-titled album is his first solo release. Musical reference points include early Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Mice Parade, Max Richter, Stereolab, Johann Johannsen, Minotaur Shock and Sufjan Stevens. Stephen set himself the challenge of composing, recording and mixing the project alone, with help from musicians he respects. Guests on the album include Geese (who have worked with Hot Chip and Imogen Heap) Bill Blackmore (trumpet), Kevin Murphy (cello), Stephen Hogan (drums), Hulk aka Thomas Haugh (marxophone) and Marja Tuhkanen (viola).

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