State of Play

Dublin, County Dublin

The self-titled debut LP is available now as a free download from

State of Play is the pseudonym of- and self-titled debut LP from- Dublin-based electronic artist and composer Nick Carswell. Taking cues from Air and Boards of Canada as well as Massive Attack and Brian Eno, State of Play is a compilation of lo-fi electronica, sweeping orchestration, pulsing beats, and audio samples. The album speaks of identity and questions of self, guiding the listener in the journey from curiousity to deep contemplation and beyond, across a broad palette of soundscapes.

Inspired by world travel and philosophy, State of Play was created over several years in various bedrooms, flats and studios, the album features tracks ranging from the hypnotic opener Introduction through the confused wanderings of Directions to the epic Waltz of the Manically Depressed. Of Africa introduces hip-hop flavours while Happy explores some strange electro-acoustic landscapes. The tracks on the record run together to form a cohesive work which culminates in the powerful improvised piano piece 1988, a spontaneous composition in which the artist invites the listener to experience music-making in its rawest form.

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