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Stanton's Grave

Punk // Cork, Cork

Stanton’s Grave are loud, heavy and in your face. Born out of a need to shout about the world. Originally formed in 2006, when Tony (Section Eight) returned to Cork from Amsterdam, as 3-piece; Dave (Rulers of the Planet, Jonny Rep) was drafted in 2009 to add extra firepower to the unit. After 2 more line-up changes – Conor/Bass (Section Eight, PCF) & Eoin/Drums (Slugbait, Demeter), Stanton’s Grave have evolved into a powerhouse of the punk rock scene in Cork.

Our first EP (a split with Slugbait) was released independently in 2014.

Our new EP, "A World in Ruin", was released on 7th of February 2020 on CD & digitally.

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