Somebody's Child

Dublin, County Dublin

Make you Alright brings an end to a project which began in 2017 when the initial demo was recorded in a bedroom. It's release marks the beginning for this young multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Dublin - Somebody's Child.

"A friend and I recorded a 4 track demo EP of my songs and put it up online. It subsequently went on to create quite a buzz in music media circles it was obvious we needed to professionally record the tracks"

Having been lavishly praised across the board since it's studio recording, Somebody's Child's first digital release 'Make You Alright' has already been championed by popular radio DJ's and music journalists.

"The production, the sound, the voice, the track - sounds great. Completely different to anything you can hear on daytime radio yet more than deserves to fit right in and shake things up a bit. A bit? A lot!" Dave Fanning - RTE.

"Sometimes a song comes along that screams for your attention. Make you Alright by Somebody's Child is screaming." Roddie Cleere - KCLR 98FM.

"Somebody’s Child sounds like the real deal. I was reminded first of Kurt Cobain, and then of Rod Stewart – which is a strange but fascinating one-two! 'Make You Alright’ is a powerful track with a really big chorus. What’s tantalising is that I can immediately hear it being sung by massive crowds at festivals. The potential here is huge." Niall Stokes - Editor, Hot Press Magazine.

Citing Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse, MGMT and The National as inspiration, Somebody's Child explores the different styles and elements of Pop music while encapsulating what it means to be a contemporary songwriter. This is accomplished with songs that are both lyrically and melody driven, and a voice which xKira described as being "a piece of paradise".

"Make you Alright is one helluva slinky, sleazy tune full of ideas and seamless melody lines that are totally fit for pop music purpose and widespread radio play"  Tony Clayton Lee, Irish Times

Released on September 13th 'Make You Alright' hints at a promising future for the youngster as he looks ahead towards his next odyssey

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