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Indie // Galway City, Galway // he/him

smythy is the stage name of Indie Pop Artist Andrew Smyth. Hailing from Tipperary and currently based in Dublin, smythy is looking to break into the Irish music scene with his uniquely pop inspired indie sound.
Having been involved with various musical projects over his 26 years Andrew Smyth has found the solo project of smythy to be the perfect environment to allow him to thrive musically.
Taking inspiration from artists such as Dayglow, Real Estate, Hers and Mac Demarco smythy crafts tunes that have a lo-fi indie feel bursting at the seams with catchy pop melodies that will have listeners singing along and eager to hear more.
smythy has spent the last year writing new material and perfecting his sound both live and in studio. In December of 2021 the Galway based musician began the recording process for a project set to come out September 2022. Working alongside acclaimed producer and musician Rory Ryan smythy has created three tracks which combine pop melodies with synth rock elements.
The first single from the project entitled "turn back the time" was released April 2022. A nostalgic indie pop song telling the story of two former lovers taking a road-trip together and wishing they could rekindle their lost love. Melancholic lyrics and catchy hooks combine to create a tune that will be stuck in listeners heads, having them eager to hear more. Jangly guitar riffs, energetic drum beats and sweeping synths flow throughout the piece taking the listener on a journey of their own.
The second single "gets me down" is a boppy introspective indie tune which encapsulates that feeling of inexplicable sadness we all experience from time to time. The writer tells the story of a man looking to be saved from himself and not certain of where to find this saviour. Punchy drums combine with a simple yet catchy guitar riff to capture the attention of listeners. A catchy chorus flows into a more uplifting bridge which drives the song on and warrants repeated listenings.
Completing the trilogy smythy released "stay the night" a psychedelic indie pop song written from the perspective of a person who has just come out of a long term relationship. The writer yearns for his previous partner and tries to find her amongst a variety of relationships to no avail. He cries out for someone to “stay the night” as he is fearful of spending it alone. The sad melancholic lyrics combine with a simple yet incredibly powerful melody to create a sound that will have listeners singing along by the last chorus.
smythy and his band have played iconic venues such as Whelan's and The Roisin Dubh supporting local artists over the past year. The group plan on finishing 2022 off with a bang with a debut headline gig in Whelan's.
smythy is eager for the world to hear his tunes and excited for the road ahead.