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Slidin' PK & Junkyard Orchestra

Acoustic // Wicklow

Born in Elblag, Poland in1976, PK started playing guitar at the age of 13. Post communistic reality of his country in early 90's, left the city with a high unemployment as an industry providing employment to majority of the residents was closed down. There was a common crave for relief - PK found it in blues music which for him was a form of complaint to God. His instrument of choice was obviously an acoustic guitar.
Being 28 years young, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, switched his acoustic guitar for a resonator guitar and began to develop his own unique style drawing inspiration from people and there stories, he is living and playing blues in its purest form.

In Ireland, Piotr is currently working on his solo project, Slidin' PK and The Junkyard Orchestra. His music combines elements of Folk, Dixieland, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Ska and African music with his own unique twist overlaid on it.

"I grew up in the communistic reality of Poland in the 80's and 90's. It was tough and the place didn't have much to offer. In a way, I can be thankful for it now. It forced many people like me to look for alternatives,. For me music became one, specially music from black people which I believe is one of the most rhythmical and expressive and authentic - it was never created for a commercial purpose but rather was a form of relief - it carries a great wisdom of a simple life in it's average but still very rich form. Simplicity, I believe, is the key element to build a clear message and to have the ability to share your experience with people who may need it. Anyway, that is the way I have learned how to live and create. Blues - especially its oldest form - from all the black music genders is the one which I identify most with my life and way of feeling. "

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