Slackers Symphony

County Dublin


Ed Grannell: Vocals, Guitar, keys
James Grannell: Guitar, backing vocals
Nathan Maher: Keys, backing vocals
Marcin Nowak: Bass
Brian Mannion: Drums

Slackers Symphony formed around the nucleus of brothers Ed and James Grannell in a bid to conjure the symphonic from two acoustic guitars, to coax the grandiose from the minimal. As the project’s scope broadened the line-up expanded to include Brian Mannion on drums, Marcin Nowak on Bass and Nathan Maher on Synthesizer. Their style lies in the fertile void between the progressive and the enduringly familiar, drawing in influences ranging from electronica and new wave to grunge. Debut single 'Episode in Denial' garnered positive reviews propelled by the unyielding robotic stomp of its strident double guitar introduction. The group has earned a reputation for energetic live performances around the country and on the festival circuit while all the while honing their impeccable pop sensibilities on second single 'Outside'.

Their debut e.p. Summer’s Coming was released in February 2016, thrilling those who packed out Whelan’s Mainstage for the launch gig. The band is currently working on their debut album, scheduled for release in late 2016.

“This is frenetically rifftastic with a powerful jaunty harmonious melody, that you won’t be able to resist stomping your foot to, whilst grinning from ear to ear.”

- BBC Radio Ulster's track of the day

Slackers' Symphony are a smorgasbord of rock influences from various eras which tumble together in a thrilling propulsive fashion. "

-Frank Hughes from GoldenPlec

"Their two-track debut EP is a shot to the system, with the romp-a-stomp ‘Episode In Denial’ and its obnoxiously upbeat chorus impossible to resist. "

-EP review from The Point of Everything blog

" It's a strong, yet powerful opening statement for the group, who may be worth keeping a beady eye on."

-EP review from The Metaphorical Boat blog

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