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Sky Atlas

Rock // Dublin City, Dublin

“Stunningly epic and atmospheric” – Hot Press Magazine

As the name would suggest, the four young men that make up Sky Atlas approach their music and the art of songwriting in the true spirit of freedom and exploration. There is an expanse and freshness to their sound that refuses to be defined while remaining true to the maps of the musical influences that have charted the territory in which they travel.
Sounding truly original in 2021 is a huge challenge for any artist or act, but every now and then something comes along that catches you off guard and refuses to be assigned a familiar genre or easy soundalike. ‘Stone’, the beautiful, theatrical torch song that opens Sky Atlas’ forthcoming debut EP, is one such impossible-to-ignore example.

The ambitious quartet is made up of Louis Younge, a wildly versatile multi-instrumentalist as adept with a violin as he is with a wind organ, Deftones-loving drummer Ryan McClelland – an “absolute monster behind the kit who can play anything”, bassist Danilo Ward; a “mystery man” who grew up in a French commune, and who, in his own words, grew tired of playing in the church band all his life, moved to Ireland and wound up pursuing music full-time in BIMM Dublin alongside his future bandmates, and lead vocalist and guitarist Lughaidh Armstrong-Mayock, who cut his performing teeth as a teenager in a Leitrim rock school.

With formal education freshly completed, it is time for Sky Atlas to graduate to an increasingly diverse Irish music scene of an impeccably high standard. On the strength of their first considered shots in anger, you get the feeling that they’ll fit right in. While Sky Atlas isn’t an act that shies away from distortion-soaked haze, the numbers that define this project are cinematic in scope, determinedly pensive, and often quite delicate in execution.

“Sky Atlas, while still a new band, have definitely shown their prowess and confidence akin to more established acts that successfully play festival main stages” – Hot Press Magazine