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Alternative // Longford, Longford // she/her

Hailing from the heartlands of the Irish Republic, SISTIR's Aisling McCarthy has long established herself as an accomplished musician and singer, touring across her homeland, the UK, and Europe (in company of various artists and assorted outfits). Now flying solo, SISTIR seeks to carve out some elbow room at the table of celestial soundscapes, chilling 80's synth, haunting harmony along with James Lock's dreamy guitar riffs. Singular, McCarthy deals heavy hands in femininity, trauma, sexuality and living in emotional urgency.
“Because I express my ideas and feelings through music, it’s difficult for me to describe. I know what I’m saying is somewhat universal. It helps me and maybe it will help someone else feeling something similar.”
Cultivating deep ruminations on the self as if pried from the ribcage of Kate Bush with Blood Orange sensibilities, SISTIR leads us by the hand into a continent of the soul, of melancholy and the immediate, the surface of which is peppered with subtle Motown reverence, Europop calls and traditional Sean nós response.
“As well as expressing myself through melody and lyrics, I love to do it through dancing and moving. I’ve always aspired to make music that I want to move to.”
SISTIR's title track of her debut 4 track EP 'bridge', will drop on February 17th.
For fans of Anna of the North, Lykke Li, Florence and the Machine and HAIM. McCarthy's unique ear for melody and tumbling rhythms invite the listener to shatter, to heal, and repeat.