Sister Ghost

Feeny / Belfast, County Derry

Sister Ghost, aka Shannon Delores O'Neill, has a background playing in bands from a young age but after she found herself without one in late 2013, she saw it as an opportunity to do things her way. She began writing and demoing – singing and playing everything herself – before forming a full band to bring the project to completion. She marshals a diverse set of influences in a singular way – from Seattle punks The Gits and her guitar hero, Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, to Kate Bush and Thin Lizzy.
It's noisy, spectral art-rock with a pop heart.

Sister Ghost has released the singles, 'Scent', 'Spineless Whisper', 'Growing Pains', 'Her Mind', 'The Final Grrrl' and 'Emily', as well as their debut EP 'In A Spell'. A debut album is expected in 2018, from which the upcoming new single 'Backwards' is taken from.

To date, Sister Ghost has supported international acts such as Pussy Riot, Le Butcherettes and Shellac, giving outstanding performances every time.

Sister Ghost has received support from American, UK & Irish radio including BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, KSER (USA), RTE 2FM, Amazing Radio and more. Sister Ghost has had press in The Guardian newspaper, Lola Magazine (Berlin), Irish News, The Thin Air and many others.

Press Quotes:

“One of the most gifted songwriters to come out of the North in a long, long time”
Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Ulster

"Like Joan Jett, Donita Sparks, and Joe Strummer rolled into one"
Pure M Zine

"Tense yet hook filled, Sister Ghosts sound is a breath of fresh air on the garage/punk scene. A blistering meld of Sonic Youth meets Sleater-Kinney and that’s something to be very excited about.''
The Last Mixed Tape

"With Sister Ghost you can hear echoes of Sonic Youth, early nineties discord stuff. It’s just classic indie rock with no mucking about."
Steven Rainey, BBC Radio Ulster

"The blistering live shows serves up the act's greatest intrigue."
James Hendicott, The Thin Air

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