Simon Masterson

Dublin, County Dublin

Simon Masterson - a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and father of none. His solo arrival comes after many years of spearheading a number of Alternative Rock bands through the grimacing grimness of post recession Dublin. What follows is a solo act floating with purpose into the burgeoning Irish Alternative Music scene. Holding forth on a range of un-placid ideas of how the world works (or Dublin at least), Simon is not a snug fit for the categorisors. A throwback to the future perhaps with a booming rhythm section traversing through razor sharp guitars and streaming sixties harmonies to bring you that pleasing viral refrain you can't help but sink your teeth into.

With that in mind the debut album Animal Rites is both at hand and afoot, with a slew of singles on the way over the coming months. The forerunner Same Blue Jeans, a tale of a lost decade and facts about his current attire, will be reaching your Ear-waves on the 20th February 2020.

Check out the chimes and charms at the Grand Social on Thursday 23rd of April.

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