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Shadow System

Electronica // Portadown, Armagh // Ssha doo Sistim

From the DEEP DARK & DIRTY recesses of Adam Gamble's mind comes Shadow System. versatile, volatile, curious and inspiring it's sort of metal meets electronic meets death punk and it really works a powerful sound that manages to meld genres seamlessly. The music is intense and the style changes constantly anyone expecting the usual Utz-Utz-Utz or Lounge / Chill Out will be surprised and fall into an abyss universe, a world full of beats and some ingenious sound plays. Shadow System is powerful and dark, unlike what is released from most laptops on the dance floors. Shadow System debuted with Dark by Design in 2012 and quickly got noticed in music connoisseur circles and praise from Future Music magazine and others and became 2014 nominee for Best Electronic Artist at the Artists In Music Awards in the USA . Shadow System went on to work with Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor), and meet other music legends like Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Juan Atkins (Model 500), Liam Howe (Sneaker Pimps), Neil Barnes (Leftfield). With the added inspiration and the force de sound, Adam throws a different flavour for the electronic genre bringing a colder vibe, as well as exploring dark human psychology and introspective philosophy. 2021
Shadow System has become apart of the British Library sound archive and becoming apart of Brittan music heritage. Adam is currently working on Shadow System's Smile Before the Bullets album which David Lynch has heard some songs and has enjoyed.