Shadows and Dust

Dublin , County Dublin

Shadows and Dust:

Dermot Kennedy
Micheál Quinn
Lia Wright

"a blend of folk and alternative rock, well played and with some distinct vocal qualities that catch the ear – unexpected elements in voice breaks and whoops that add an edge to this type of music which perhaps is usually considered ‘soft’. It’s a rewarding listen" - Harmless Noise

"[Dancing Under Red Skies] is like a blend of Sigur Rós, The xx and Tired Pony The band have crafted a unique song from a wide range of instruments, with violin, bass, drums, samplers and piano all thrown into the mix." -

"Holy shit, Shadows and Dust's new song Homely Ground feels like a stiff shot of brandy after coming inside from burying your dog on a cold and rainy night. Perfectly still yet swirling and swelling with emotion. My heart is dancing in my throat right now, my mind is racing through lonely streets and my soul is fucking alive." -

"Shadows and Dust are the epitome of the word sublime, with an overwhelming musical quality from the onset; this is a band that draws listeners in with a style and elegance to their set that leaves one astounded." - Festival & Gig Guide Ireland

"A combination of male and female vocals, an impressive strings section for such a small band with Lia Wright on violin and Erik Vaughan on bass, and the dynamically commanding percussion of Micheál Quinn merge together to create something incomparable to anything on the Irish scene and put them miles beyond anyone trying to create an equal sound. Though so softly spoken, the band’s sound is nothing but compelling." - Dublin

Debut E.P. "Each Year Forever" is currently available on iTunes

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GIG Dates.

December 22nd Unitarian Church St. Stephens Green Dublin

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