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Seán Watmore

Folk // Kilkenny, Kilkenny

Hhmmm, how do you start one of these? Past experiences or future ambitions? I suppose they're roughly the same; playing music. Writing and playing music has always been there either taking time away from working, studying or any of the other important life progressing practices but its the one I've always felt has done the most for me in other ways. It doesn't pay the bills or make a great cup of tea but it keeps me sane! My music is unintentionally of an American folk style one might say but still relative to my life from living in this country. The folk tradition of music and musicians inspires me but I've never set out to write music that adheres to its inherent structures and styles, I simply feel my music is a reflection of my interests. I'm constantly writing and performing, not out of necessity, but out of enjoyment and release.

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