Sean OB

Tallaght, County Dublin

Sean OB - an Irish troubadour straight out of Dublin with an attitude and voice that’s unmistakable. Displaying remarkable skills as a song-writer and lyricist, Sean writes with a hard-hitting honesty. He counts stand-up comedians like Doug Stanhope and Bill Hicks as influences that are just as important as the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and John Lennon.

If you go in for the quick and easy comparison thing, previous connections to Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys and Buddy Holly make a certain amount of sense, but that’s merely a snapshot. Guitar music may not need ‘saving’ but some well-tuned brash expression wouldn’t go amiss. Striking stories with a sting in the tail, told well? Yeah, he can do that!

Born and raised in Tallaght in Dublin, Sean first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. Once the rigid structures of school were thrown aside he set about establishing himself in the Irish music scene, firstly as leader of energetic trio Trap Door, followed by two years on guitar with Raglans.

Having spent the last 2 years toiling over a plethora of home-made demos, which lead to the recording of his debut EP with the Grammy Award-winning Rob Kirwan (Hozier/The Horrors) he is now backed up by his explosive band under the guise of 'Sean OB'.

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