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Seán Mulrooney

Neofolk // Dublin // He/Him

Dublin born, Seán Mulrooney released his first single as a solo artist, Dec 15th 2023, which peaked at no 7 in the iTunes charts Christmas week. It was a fundraiser for the Palestinian Child Relief Fund and a creative response to what the world is witnessing in Gaza.

Seán is the band leader of the legendary psych/folk act, Tau & the Drones of Praise who have released 3 albums and 3 Eps to date. The latest Tau LP, 'Misneach' was released on Glitterbeat records in 2022.

Why go solo and why now?

Though a courageous anti war song was the catalyst it is not the defining theme of Mulrooney's new music.

In his own words, "There's absolute certainty that I have to release album soon, a response to creation, a creative response, dreamy, folky, dirgy, epic and deeply personal songs and soundscapes. What I do sounds quite different to the current zeitgeist of Irish music, but I feel its coming from the same source"

In February 2024 he recorded his debut solo album in the French countryside with long term collaborator Earl Harvin of Tindersticks.

Mulrooney moved to Berlin in 2009 with his then band Humanzi. His time in Berlin was prolific having co-produced the debut albums for Camera and Mueran Humanos as well as becoming a member of Dead Skeletons. He is a legend in the Irish and Berlin music scene!

Following a spiritual call to connect back to his ancestral roots he moved back to Ireland in 2019. This resulted in collaborating with Pòl Brennan of Clannad and Damien Dempsey on the track Ceol Ón Chré.

In 2023 Mulrooney won the critically acclaimed Lustrum award at Edinburgh Fringe for his music in the performance "Growler".

Seán will play his first gig under his name at this years Roadburn festival in Tilburg.

Debut album set for release, fall 2024.