Dunlaoghaire, County Dublin

About the Band
“Screefy” are an unsigned independent band from Sallynoggin in Dunlaoghaire, County Dublin. They have been writing and recording for the past four year, Andy Murphy Vocals/Acoustic Guitar, Kevin Wade Keyboards, Chris Mullen Bass Guitar, Art Lorigan Drums, Ger Thornton Electric Guitar, also guest musicians Paul Carter saxophone, Audrey Trainor, Violin and Dave Palmer Electric Guitar

The Bands main musical influences are Bob Dylan, Lou reed, Tom waits, and bands such as The National, Their sound is described as Acoustic Rock, with Blues, Country, and Jazz influences.

Band Contact Details

Kevin Wade mobile: 00353 (0) 86 608 1072

“Everything Is Connected” has been four years in the making we have been through some difficult situations and like a lot unsigned independent bands it take a little longer to be able to get a finished product out to market. We are delighted to have the final product available. There are 10 original Tracks on the Album. We would describe the genre as Alternative Acoustic Rock, with a Country Rock, and Blues sound. This is a self-financed, recorded, mixed, and produced project

The Album and was originally recorded in DFEi Studios in Dunlaoghaire in lieu of project we were working on with the College assisting students who have been learning about the Music business from recording to producing to delivering a final CD product. We had recorded a track on their 2013 “FUSE” Album titled “Plastic paradise” we helped promote the Album by playing in tower Records and live at the launch of the Album. We were given access to the Studio for four days and recorded the initial 10 Tracks on this Album in that time. Since then we have been adding additional tracks and musicians in various studios and finally have a product that we feel is worth a listen too.

The Album Artwork was painted by Andy Murphy, who is also the singer and songwriter of all the songs on the Album. The songs on the Album have an interesting theme and an open adaptation that is relative to us all in some way.


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