Sarah Something

County Meath

Sarah Something is an Irish born singer-songwriter.

Hailing from Drogheda, Co. Louth, Sarah plays a style of pop that is quite unique. Incorporating memorable guitar riffs and rhythms with a loop pedal, while building up percussive sounds from the guitar as well as flawless harmonies supporting her truly powerful vocals.

Sarah’s been on the road gigging extensively since 2010. With a back catalogue of gigs under her belt, including a tour of London in December 2016, she’s set to release her eagerly awaited debut album ‘’The Other Side’’, in 2017.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist and has sung on many other projects throughout her career and is also a founding member of the studio project, Parallel Instinct.

You can find Sarah's music at the following links;

You can also find out more about Sarah at her website:

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