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Sarah O Gorman

Soul // Carlow, Carlow

Sarah O Gorman is an Irish singer songwriter of soul and R-'n'-B music. In the summer of 2017 she launched her debut EP, "Concrete Rains" at the Carlow Arts Festival, in Sarah's hometown.

“Making 'Concrete Rain' happened very naturally,” Sarah says. “I'd written the songs and had been playing them with a loop machine. Then, during a visit home, by happy accident David [Ayers, producer] and I arranged to go in the studio, initially for one day – which quickly turned into a week. I thought, wow, this is really beautiful. We found a flow.”

Having spent time busking in LA, Dublin and Berlin as well as playing the singer-songwriter circuits in those cities, Sarah says of her first studio release “Everything about how we made this EP reflects what I find beautiful in songwriting: the seeming anarchy but perfect fluency of the process.”

The story of human adventure, coming home, loops, perfect fluency – these themes describe the experience of hearing “Concrete Rain” very well, the title of which is also a circular kind of paradox. Sarah O Gorman's songs, studio performances and actual personality coalesce in a way that endears the listener to her as if a relationship were actually being formed. And why not?

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