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Sam Ali

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Originally from London, England, Sam Ali began playing the piano when he was just three years old, and music has been an integral part of his life for as long as he can remember. On his ninth birthday, Sam’s family left London for Dublin, Ireland. Although he had spent most of his summers with family in Ireland, this was a big change for Sam, and it marked the beginning of some truly hard times…

After a long and difficult battle with cancer, Sam’s mother passed away when he was just fourteen. Rather than allowing this to mark the end of hope, Sam was determined to persevere. He began to dream big; allowing his mother and his relationship with her to become a powerful influence on his song-writing, and his life in general, as he continued to develop himself both personally and musically.

When he finished school, Sam enrolled in Ballyfermot College for Performing Arts in Dublin, where his musical journey took a significant and worthwhile detour. Over the seven years that followed, Sam firmly established himself as the lead singer and frontman of TouchWood/Where Buildings Fall. During this time, Sam and the band undertook two separate journeys to America and an Irish festival tour, including well-received appearances at the Oxegen and Independence festivals. Now, Sam is beginning a new chapter in his journey, trying something a little bit different and going out on his own...

With music of gravity, lyrics of sincerity, and a voice that captures a genuine and powerful emotion, Sam Ali is an artist that seemingly everyone can relate to. Dealing with complex and far-ranging themes from the uncertainty of life, to the excitement of surviving each and every knock-down, Sam succeeds in weaving a rich tapestry which is primed and ready for any listener to jump into and explore. From track to track, Sam makes every attempt to take both himself and the listener on an exciting conceptual journey: A journey which is not to be missed.