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Sal the Musician

Indie // Galway, Galway

Sal the Musician is a human from Earth. He is an artist who sees no boundaries to artistic expression. In November 2018, he dropped out of college and flew to Ireland in fairly dramatic fashion (possibly as fuel for future creation).

He spent the first quarter of 2019 writing music and developing his sound before releasing his debut single “Low” in March, followed by his second single “Fine” in June.

For his third single “Strawberry”, Sal created a character called Greg to be the subject and face of the track. Greg lives in the 80’s, is an accountant and a sex addict.

Sal loves to take risks, and will continue to do so as he searches for authenticity in his art.

Sal the Musician’s debut EP “Art Is Creation” will be released in 2020.

"[On Low] It really is a beauty, isn't it" - Dan Hegarty (RTE 2FM)

“An enticing and fascinating debut from Sal the Musician.” - Indie Buddie

“Exciting rising artist and (a) risk-taker” - Neon Music UK

Contact: [email protected]

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