Cork, County Cork

Pigeon-holing bands has always been a
popular pastime but One Emerging Band
defy such lazy and easy practice.......

.......RUBEN S7ONE.......

.......Define if you dare.......

.......Rock Electro MOBO Pop Jazz.......

These styles can be heard in unison combining

the powerful scope and sweep of the "RS" music


After gracing the stage for "Arthur's Day 2010" alongside O EMPEROR, MICK FLANNERY & CARLY CONNOR fresh from her tour with PAOLO NUTINI, band members Bernard Fleming, Bryan Curtis, Oisin Daly and Kevin Waugh have been busily locked away since building and preparing their debut E.P. and follow up album for release and now cannot wait to deliver to audiences their fresh, new sound.

Armed with an array of life-affirming and unforgettable songs there can be no question that RUBEN S7ONE are a live act not to be missed.

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