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Robert Holmes

Acoustic // Belfast, Antrim

Robert Holmes, a Belfast boy with a road-movie soundtrack in his heart, is a raconteur of all the dead trees in his native city.
His debut release "Hazard Hill" (Shanty Tramp Records) is a surreal mix of dream sequenced musicianship and lyrical poetry most of which dwells on his fair weathered friend, Belfast. Holmes commands and unsettles his audience with a blend of psychedelic undertones taking the listener on a journey that finishes at the feet of a time travelled, road weary shaman.

'Imagine a midnight drive and all you can see are the headlamps shining ahead. You're in some bleached bone town and things are weird and drunk on cheap scotch and dry throated from too-many-cigarettes. What you need to soundtrack this road-movie, panning out in your head, is Robert Holmes. This guy has the eerie twang of a David Lynch flick and the voice of Nick Cave. Everyone's saying he sounds like Nick Cave it seems... but it's true. He's got that baritone breakdown thing goin' on!"-Electric Roulette

"From the off, [Robert's] dark narratives and brooding observations bore all the hallmarks of someone with an original, intriuging voice..."

Colin Carberry, Hot Press Magazine