Robb Murphy

Belfast, County Antrim

Belfast’s own, Robb Murphy brings his devilishly sexy signature style to the forefront with his 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight.

He has the unique ability to transport his listener into his musical world with a combination of stunning acoustics, sublime vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The rhythmic undercurrent of Robb Murphy’s music entices his audience to join him on a journey of traditional Irish storytelling punctuated throughout with elements of pop, country, classical and folk.

Robb Murphy, singer-songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland released his second album, Sleep Tonight on the 20th of March, 2015
The new album Sleep Tonight, consists of twelve original songs from Robb, each bearing testament to the organic ‘real’ sound created in Italy two years ago. The music and lyrics of Sleep Tonight illustrate personal memories along with the varied stories of Robb’s native Northern Ireland; making the album a tapestry of music in the grand Irish storytelling tradition.

Sleep Tonight’s infectious lead single Mysteries Of The Heart evokes an upbeat Motown pop sound with a Nashville twist and showcases a gift for creating instant earworms. An acoustic version of The Darker Side as performed on the BBC Arts Show was released in July. A third single, Headstrong is scheduled for release this October.

“It seems impossible to listen to Headstrong without smiling and nodding along. The irresistibly infectious melody that’s delivered amid beautiful string work is entirely absorbing.” …Dave Simpson, Pure M Magazine

Robb Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter. In late 2011, Robb’s a solo career began with the recording of his debut album Take A Stand, officially released in April 2012 receiving international critical acclaim. Robb has received attention from local, national and international radio stations, and has performed at various sessions, live gigs and music festivals

Recent successes include Lakeside Stories, Portstewart Songwriters Festival and the Clancy Brothers Songwriting Competition, two successful tours of The Netherlands, the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival and a recent feature on BBC Two, The Arts Show to name but a few.

The critically acclaimed 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight by Robb Murphy launched in March and is keeping him busy with Radio, TV and live performances. Robb describes Sleep Tonight as "an album of songs, simple in melody and production, which contain a 'real feel' to them".

Some Quotes:


"this album has been made with pure passion and soul”
USN Music Blog


“Robb Murphy's delicate voice has a certain melancholy full of hope characterising his very melodic and heartfelt songs, which proves you don't need a powerful and dominating voice to penetrate the soul of your listeners, Robb manages this effortlessly with expertly produced songs which are always bursting with great instrumentation.”
David Durant - Under The Radar Live Sessions


"Robb Murphy is a real talent. His songs are melodic and magical. He writes from the heart and the results are spellbinding."


"What Robb Murphy has put together here is a relaxing, congenial album that’s easy on the ears and rich with emotion. Sleep Tonight is a compilation of twelve accessible and introspective acoustic folk songs that are ideal for sitting back and unwinding."


“…his latest album Sleep Tonight' is something very special “


"The biggest thing that Robb Murphy fans will notice is the clarity and richness in production from his last album. This two year wait was well worth it. Without losing a beat of his trademark lyrical style, Robb takes you right into the story of giving yourself up to love."

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