Revolution for Dogs

Dublin, County Dublin

Dogs on the BBC..
In July the news broke that top BBC DJ Gary Crowley had picked up on the band and featured the track “Save Me” on his London Calling show on BBC Radio London.

Live at RTE Studio 8..
Dan Hegarty invited the band to record a 2FM Live Session at Studio 8 in March.Some guest musicians joined the fun and the beautiful Steinway grand piano in Studio 8 can be heard on several tracks. Four new recordings came from this session - Big Negative Head, Setting the Monsters Free, Love & Hate and the slowburning ballad Stargazer.

Working (like a dog) on next record..
Work is well underway on the follow-up to “Baptism of Fire” in Bow Lane Studios, Dublin. Once again the band are working with producer, collaborator and sonic supremo Liam Mulvaney. Several weeks pre-production saw Keith and Revel demo forty new songs and tracking has commenced on twelve of the strongest. Early comparisons of these new tracks show the influence and the bands love of acts like Television, REM, Teenage Fanclub and Tom Petty.

Guest spot with Feeder at the Academy..
The band were delighted to escape the confines of the studio and recently opened for power-pop legends Feeder at the Academy.

Dan Hegarty “Top 50 Irish Albums of 2010”..
The lads were excited and delighted to see that 2FM DJ Dan Hegarty had selected “Baptism of Fire” for inclusion in his Top Fifty Irish releases of the year.

Phantom 105.2FM “Top 105 Songs of 2010”…
The bands last single “Camp X-Ray” got lots of airplay at Phantom radio and charted in the end-of-year Phantom round-up.

Pete Townshend says..
”If I grew up in Dublin messing with CB radios, worshipping Evel Knievel on a diet of Vietnam movies collecting baseball bats, Tommy might have been a different mini-rock opera altogether.. “

Revolution for Dogs says..
”We love The Who and Pete Townshend. Check out his solo acoustic version of’s a stone-cold classic..”

Recent Reviews-

Eamonn Carr (Evening Herald)
“A distinctive sound that bristles with the excitement of the best power pop”

Nessy Monaghan (Nessy Productions Music Blog)
“a no-bullshit rock album which veers from prog rock to indie stopping off at some drug-infused gems. Think strings, bells, Lucy in the Sky..and you’ll have a rough idea.”

HOTPRESS Review of 'Mission to the Sun'
'Offering bleak, powerful and punchy rock peppered with some quasi-prog sound effects, Revolution For Dogs immediately stand out from the crowd and are in some respects reminiscent of Therapy? The more upbeat and swaggering b-side 'Vampyre Of The Soul' offers a slightly different take on their distinctive sound, but both tracks leave a very pleasant aftertaste. Keep an eye on this lot.'

Jackie Hayden HOTPRESS Review of 'Shadow On The City'
With 'Shadow On The City', Revolution For Dogs have chiselled as fine a slab of no-nonsense rock as I've heard in a while. They've concocted a thundering feast of guitar riffing, heart-stopping drums, passionate vocals, raw rawk and sheer excitement.

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