Restive Nation

Dublin City, County Dublin

'Restive Nation, The Dublin-based self-proclaimed 'electronic rock' band have more to offer than just that as a label for their unique sound. Reaching the outposts of captivating prog and diving into a wormhole of wonderfully complex rock arrangements laced with electronic elements that would have Trent Reznor's ears twitching, there is no doubt that this is something very special indeed’ - -January 2017

Restive nation are a three-piece electronic rock band from Dublin.
Chris Cahill: Production, synths, Guitars & Vocals
Timmy Lynch: Bass
Kevin Liffey: Drums

Their unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds makes for an extremely textured listening experience. Their style reaches from many influences of industrial, Prog and electronic genres.

Although some of their current works are instrumental, various singers join the line up for certain songs making Restive Nation a unique collaborative project.

Chris’s background in electronic dance music and sound design helps provide the band with some intense and atmospheric noises.

Timmy has cultivated an original bass style by playing in various Dublin based groups such as LotusEater and Rhiannon and the Face Collectors. His experience in such bands brings some unique low-end to the Restive Nation sound.

Kevin has played with several bands on the Irish scene including Lace Weeper and Franko Franko. He has a keen interest in several genres such as Electro, Prog Rock, Jazz and Ambient.

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