Trim, County Meath

ReGroovanation are an Irish Funk band formed in January 2017. Initially an amalgam of 3 brothers with a strong tradition in blues and folk music, and 2 classically-trained rockers with a predisposition for jazz.
While Black-American music serves as the keystone for all their output, they seamlessly blur the lines between many further-flung genres including reggae, classical, and hard-rock.

All 5 are composers and lyricists in their own right and pay massive attention to detail in both the arrangements and the lyrical potency, this has led to an increasing use of rapping in their music alongside spoken-word poetry.

Their opening show In an Age of Insecurity, an original 3-movement Musical Drama that featured a group of 20 musicians and actors was premiered on April 20th 2017 in Bello Bar, Dublin. This collaboration brought them together with Shannon Doyle, a phenomenal Dublin soul and ska singer who has remained ever since and has solidified the 6-piece line-up.

Alongside the debut was released the first single ‘Miss You When You’re Gone’.
Their EP ‘Sound Cheque’ a self-produced, mellow, hip-hop centric record was released in February 2018. Their latest single ATM (All That Money) is set for release on 10th May 2019.
They have performed in Berlin and return regularly to play in Germany, they have also orchestrated their music for collaborations with the Athenry Youth Orchestra and Sligo Youth Jazz Ensemble.

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