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Regan O'Brien

Other // Dublin

Regan O’Brien is an Irish singer songwriter with a strong experimental quality. She plays rhythm guitar and piano and has a warm, expressive vocal flow. Sometimes layering and looping percussive vocals to create a meditative repetition which blooms out into soul-inflected rock & spoken word. Regan delivers a melodious and percussive vocal that swings from the hip: sliding easily from raw, extended textures into deep sensuality.

Lyrically driven, Regans sings about sex, escape routes, disrupting patterns and the power in vulnerability. Her songs reflect her experiences of seeking meaningful connections in the world. Her cut ’n’ paste writing style is distinguished by her ability to mesh broad social issues with the dark and tender vulnerability of her personal observations. Beauty is in the connections and songs are the patterns. What connects the lobster to the primrose and all of it to me?

Her song writing is influenced by Bill Drummond, PJ Harvey, William Burroughs, Caitlin Moran, Trans-disciplinary culture, Laura Mvula, Autechre, Amanda Feery, Activism, Otis Redding, Karen D’Alton, Hip Hop culture, Kate Bush, sea swimming and Rock 'n' Roll.

She has studied traditional singing styles from Siberia, Korea, Ireland, Malta, Haiti and also works as a somatic voice and breath coach.

For 20 years she has been working as a performing artist, making large scale installation work in collaboration with visual artists, videographers, electronic producers and computer scientists. She has worked in film, TV, theatre and dance. Music and songwriting has always featured heavily in her artwork, the heartbeat of everything she has made. In 2009 Regan started an improvised vocal ensemble: Kwyer was a live-art/music practice which gathered weekly for 9 years in Dublin and was attended by some of Ireland's most creative music/sound artists.

Now Regan is focusing on her music.
Regan O’Brien has a welcoming presence on stage and a low-fi, bluesy style often playing in collaboration with electronic producers and always creating a funky, immersive and soulful journey.

In the last year Regan has been performing in small venues and events around Dublin and has begun to build a strong reputation as a very “inspiring, moving and talented singer and lyricist”. She is working on her first Album and will release the first single in Summer 2020.