Derry, County Derry

Derry songwriter Reevah (AKA Aoife Boyle) grew up surrounded by music and art – her mother is an artist and her father is a musician…

Her acclaimed debut EP ‘Hummingbird’ was self-released in June 2018 and aired on RTE Radio One and BBC Introducing amongst numerous others. She has supported acts such as Lisa Hannigan, Wyvern Lingo, and Duke Special and has played at various festivals and events such as Other Voices, The BBC Fringe Festival and Stendhal Festival.

In 2018 Reevah completed a collaborative project with The Ulster Orchestra based on the Civil Rights Movement of 68’, she released two tracks ‘River Flow, River Divide’ and ‘Heart over Head’ … Throughout the summer of 2018 she toured with the orchestra debuting the collaboration, featuring at various showcases and festivals.

Reevah’s music is immersive and is designed to be reflective. It affords the listener a chance to escape the speed of life; to step into a thoughtful zone. But it’s her voice, pure, understated and fearless, that stays in the heart and the mind long after the music is over.
“Honesty is everything” – for Reevah, writing songs is an essential part of everyday life as a means to process and articulate the world as she experiences it. “The songs that have always been vital to me are the ones that feel real, that speak the truth”.

On March 22nd 2019, Reevah releases her brand new single “26”.

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