Rebekah Fitch

Belfast, County Antrim

Rebekah Fitch is an upcoming singer and songwriter from Belfast. Performing and writing songs from a young age, her first ever solo performance, aged 15, was to a crowd of 1000 people in Belfast's Ulster Hall - the very stage where Led Zeppelin premiered Stairway to Heaven. She began busking at 16, and started playing in various bars across Belfast at 17. No stranger to the stage, she is a frequent performer while at university in Durham, where she is about to begin her final year studying Music, as well as regular performances in venues across Belfast while at home. Last year she enjoyed the privilege of musically directing a 20-piece college jazz band, which has not only strengthened her skills as a musician, but widened her musical repertoire, bringing jazz influences into her singing style.

Rebekah’s music features an eclectic range of influences, from the haunting power of Florence and the Machine to the gripping and honest melodies of Amy Winehouse. An interest in electronic and timbral composers arose during her music degree studies, bringing in the experimental influences and trip hop style of Gorillaz and Portishead. This experimental style and search for new sounds is often coupled with the more rhythmic drive of The Black Keys. Her music strives to create a lasting impact, not only through her vocal capabilities, but also through unique and thought-provoking lyric writing. As a singer, it wasn’t until she began listening to Jessie J that Rebekah started exploring her own vocal capabilities. Influenced by the strong vocals of Lady Gaga, the soulful tendencies of Lana Del Rey, and the unusual qualities of Sia’s voice, Rebekah has developed her own sound.

Rebekah has had early success with her first three singles. Her debut single, Stroke of Genius was featured as Song Of The Week on Today FM, and found support from BBC Radio Ulster, Across The Line, Blast 106, and FM104. Her second single, Here We Go, gathered increased support from more Dublin radio stations, including several live sessions on SPIN1038, FM104, Blast 106, and Dublin South FM. In November 2016, her third single, Afraid of the Light, also had success in Belfast and Dublin, as well as across the water in mainland UK (e.g. Premier Christan Radio). It received great reviews from Atwood Magazine, NARC, Newcastle Chronicle and others. The releases were accompanied by launch gigs in The Sunflower Pub, The Pavilion, and Empty Shop HQ respectively to packed audiences. These singles were released on a physical CD, along with a bonus track, Hosanna, which was then released online due to popular demand. Hosanna went on to chart at No. 3 on A Step Fwd’s UK Christian Chart in February.

Her most recent single, Another Show, has already been picked up by BBC Radio Ulster Across the Line as Track of the Day, playlisted on Cool FM, and led to FM104 choosing Rebekah as their Select Irish artist for the month.
With more music in the pipeline, Rebekah has much more to show, and is working hard to firmly establish herself in both the Northern Irish music scene and the North East of England.

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