County Kilkenny

Meet the Irish drummer and producer who has worked with everyone from Xavier de Rosnay (Justice) to James Darkin (Kanye West, Rihanna, Hozier producer) to create a sound like you’ve never heard before. Hard to pin down one of the best descriptions we’ve heard of his music is by Jim Carroll of The Irish Times as "a robust, beaty and meaty fare, a fabulous mash-up from the Marble City which is one part hardcore-punk to three parts heavyweight funk". Known for his hypnotising live performances, R.S.A.G records, performs and produces all his own material in the studio before bringing it on the road. Live he has to be seen to be believed. Often collaborating with visual artist Geppetto, they create mesmerising imagery that accompanies his live drums, percussion and vocals making for a show the will completely envelop you. Since making waves with his debut album “Organic Sampler” and it’s follow up the Leo Pearson (U2 & Elvis Costello) produced “Be It Right Or Wrong”, R.S.A.G has brought his captivating show around the world from New York to Switzerland, all the while finding the time to collaborate with Parisian electro act Bot’Ox. In 2013, Hickey released the Rotate EP, his most successful material to date and received a huge response from on the Irish festival circuit. He continued to perform in France and on his return began collaborating with Jerry Fish, Cathy Davey and other well known Irish acts. R.S.A.G is poised between critical acclaim and the big time, just coming off the back of a jam packed few months playing everywhere from Electric Picnic to Sounds from a Safe Harbour with his new album due for release in 2019.

Contact Joe@CWB.ie

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