County Kilkenny

A storm of sound and an eruption of percussion mixed with hypnotic music and unique
visuals! Since it's conception in 2008 musical juggernaut, Rarely Seen Above Ground has
taken his tour de force, one man show of sound, visuals and incendiary rhythm and
samples, to captured audiences around the world. Known to his friends as Jeremy Hickey,
R.S.A.G has gained a reputation not only as one of Europe's most impressive drummers
but as a celebrated producer and a talented showman.
R.S.A.Gs live performance is the perfect vehicle to showcase
the versatility and innovation of this trailblazing performer. Over the last 8 years, Hickey
and visual artist Geppetto have collaborated to create a master stroke of visuals and
sound. The live show immerses the audience in hypnotic visuals mixed with projections of
the R.S.A.G virtual band. All members of which are silhouettes of Hickey. These
projections of his Hickeys clones flank Jeremy as he performs live drums and vocals and
set of samples making for a unique experience that should not be missed.
Since R.S.A.G’s conception in 2008, R.S.A.G has gone from strength to strength, picking
up a Choice Music Award nomination, making multiple and international TV appearances,
including Other Voices, The Late Late Show, and The Saturday Night Show, pressing 2
celebrated LPS and securing billings on all of the most enviable festivals in both Europe
and America along the way. As well as all that Hickeys undeniable talent behind a kit has
led to some very impressive collaborations from Justice’s, Grammy Award winning Xavier
De Rosnay to Ireland’s own charismatic ringleader Jerry Fish.
Recently R.S.A.G has been joined by leading producer Leo Pearson (U2, Elvis Costello,
Howie B) putting the final touches to his 3rd album. All in all a diverse mix that reflects this one­-man­-band
phenomenal versatility, evolving style and rapid progression.

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