Railroad Man

Cork, County Cork

Railroad Man is Thomas McSweeney's brainchild, a Singer/Songwriter from Cork City. Ideas are formed and hatched in his Gran's old three-story house where, among the piano, guitars, Italian organ and drums from 1963 that litter the rooms, are some microphones. Influenced and inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Eels and Tom Waits, McSweeney searches to create songs and sounds that are heartfelt and yearnful, intense while brooding, organic but earnest whose sound intuitively swells and fades leading you to sing even though you've never heard the song before. McSweeney started writing and recording ideas soon after, realising he was at a point where he wished to share his sound with an audience started recording calling on his brother and bassist Brian McSweeney, Kees Hendrickx on guitars and Cian Heffernan on drums. Here is where the sounds of noise and accent, murmur and clatter, reverb and hum, will ring out to those who hear. For the moment the songs are in their acoustic state - incomplete but complete.

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